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Working with True has enabled our organisation to translate our sustainability ambitions into real life targets, bringing meaning and ownership to our teams. We would recommend True to any organisation that really wants to make a difference, living and breathing a sustainability ethos.

Jenny Marek-Murray

Chief Financial Officer, Ports of Jersey

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Innovation in Sustainable Finance awarded to Paragon +Impact

Paragon +Impact

25 October 2023 at 12:30:00

Paragon Impact's innovative Grading tool earns them the prestigious 'Innovation in Sustainable Finance' award at the Jersey Finance Sustainable Finance Awards.

We are thrilled to announce that our esteemed partners, Paragon Impact, have been recognised with the prestigious "Innovation in Sustainable Finance" award at the recent Jersey Finance Sustainable Finance Awards.

The Award and its significance

The Sustainable Finance Awards are designed to spotlight and celebrate financial services firms that are leading the charge in redirecting capital towards sustainable outcomes and impactful initiatives.  The "Innovation in Sustainable Finance" award, which is not sector-specific, is presented to the Member firm that best exemplifies innovation in sustainable finance. The judging panel, comprising notable industry experts including Andrew Mitchell, Founder and CEO at Equilibrium Futures; Amy Blackwell, Founder of Amy Blackwell Advisory; and Simon Boas, Executive Director of Jersey Overseas Aid, recognised Paragon Impact's outstanding contributions in this domain.

Paragon Impact's approach to sustainable finance is driven by the belief that businesses and investors should not merely focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks but also on the actual impact they have on the environment and societies in which they operate. They have worked tirelessly to address the limitations of traditional ESG ratings and have championed a methodology that measures and rates tangible impact alongside ESG risks.

Paragon Impact: A Catalyst for Change

Paragon Impact was established to respond to the urgent need for greater accountability and transparency from businesses and investors in the face of pressing socio-economic and environmental challenges. Their vision has been to redefine how sustainability is assessed, emphasising the significance of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) impact in determining a company's legitimacy and license to operate.

The Paragon +Grading tool provides our clients with a standardised methodology that evaluates data, assesses it in the context of a company's impact on the SDGs and the associated ESG risks. By integrating the latest ESG and impact standards into a consolidated system, Paragon Impact ensures that our clients can make informed decisions that prioritise the sustainability of our planet and its people, while fostering sustainable economic growth.

Onwards and Upwards

As Paragon Impact receives this well-deserved recognition, we applaud their dedication to innovation and impact in the realm of sustainable finance. We look forward to witnessing their continued contributions as they lead the charge towards a more sustainable and responsible financial future.

Innovation in Sustainable Finance awarded to Paragon +Impact
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