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Insight, partnership, and action on your sustainability journey.

We are agents of change.

Leadership team

We are committed to driving change and guiding you towards a more sustainable future

Michelle Ryan

Director and Chief Sustainability Officer

James Painter

Director and Investment Services Lead

Marcus Liddiard

Director and Chief Operating Officer

Michael Price

Non-Executive Chairman

We integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our own operations, from our office spaces to our daily practices. When you choose to work with True, you can trust that our commitment to sustainability extends to every level of our organisation. We are not just consultants; we are partners who genuinely care about the well-being of the planet.
Knowledge base

Walking the talk


Our process


At True, we are passionate about driving positive change and creating a more sustainable future. Our commitment to technology-led sustainability consulting and reporting sets us apart. We believe that by working together with businesses, we can achieve meaningful impact and make a difference.

We understand that transforming your business can be a daunting task. That's why at True, we offer tailored consultancy services, targeted product solutions, and cutting-edge technology to help businesses enhance their operations and achieve sustainability goals. Let us guide you towards a more sustainable future.


At True, we're committed to driving positive change and creating a world where sustainability is as important to business decision-making as financial criteria. Our solutions provide businesses with tools and expert support to acknowledge what is important, understand the current situation, set strategic goals, track progress and make data-driven decisions. Join us on the journey towards a more sustainable future, and let's make a positive impact together.


Enabling businesses to create value through better sustainability outcomes for them, their investments and the planet.

Who we work with

What we stand for


We have faith that those who have the tools to make a positive change, will.


We evolve to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing sustainability landscape.


Incremental change and a commitment to self-improvement are the key to improving our shared ecosystem.


Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, we want to go on it with you.


We conduct ourselves internally and externally with professionalism, integrity, kindness and empathy.


We promote sustainability:

  • to our customers,

  • in the day to day running of our own company,

  • through community engagement and our not-for-profit advocacy.

“Bringing it to life”

Working with True has enabled our organisation to translate our sustainability ambitions into real life targets, bringing meaning and ownership to our teams. We would recommend True to any organisation that really wants to make a difference, living and breathing a sustainability ethos.

Jenny Marek-Murray

Chief Financial Officer, Ports of Jersey

Case Study

Trusted by leading industry experts.

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