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Transforming business, empowering society, preserving our planet.

Solutions for a

sustainable future. 

Business Solutions

Performance benchmarking

True can help assess a company's current sustainability performance by conducting a sustainability assessment. We review the company's operations and supply chain to identify its sustainability strengths and weaknesses, and assess its performance against relevant sustainability standards, frameworks, and best practices.

Based on the assessment findings, True can provide recommendations for improvement, help you to prioritise sustainability initiatives based on their potential impact and feasibility, and develop a plan to implement those initiatives.
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Strategy & innovation

True can help your company develop a sustainability strategy that aligns with your business objectives and identify new sustainability-related opportunities for innovation and growth. We help companies create a sustainability strategy by assessing the company's current sustainability performance, identifying areas for improvement, set sustainability goals and develop a roadmap for achieving those goals.
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Risk management

Helping your company identify and manage sustainability-related risks through conducting sustainability risk assessments, developing risk management strategies, improving supply chain management, and enhancing stakeholder engagement.
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Impact management

Helping your company identify and address the impact it causes on the environment and society by conducting materiality and impact assessments, developing impact management strategies, reporting on impact and engaging stakeholders.
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Enabling businesses to create value through better sustainability outcomes for them, their investments and the planet.

Investment Solutions

Investment performance

True can help monitor investments regarding their performance and provide valuable insights in two ways. Financial performance – Evaluating the investment outcomes of listed assets and funds through comparison against other portfolios at the same risk level, as well as monitoring the daily trend of portfolios to be alerted should the performance fall outside desired parameters. Sustainability performance – Evaluating the sustainability outcomes of listed assets and funds against ESG, climate and impact criteria.

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Reporting and disclosure

True supports you in visualising and presenting the results of the monitoring of investments against both financial and sustainability criteria. These results are designed to help investors and their advisors/administrators better understand the performance of their investments and also share or formally disclose this information.
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"They walk the talk like us."

TrueESG exceed expectations with their expertise and high-calibre team.

As an innovative partner, their advice enables us to drive meaningful and positive change across our business to drive better outcomes for our clients' success. They demonstrate a genuine commitment to action, walking alongside Altum's ESG journey every step of the way.

Zena Couppey

Altum Group CEO

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Trusted by leading industry experts.

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