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Products with purpose and performance.

We offer tailored sustainability solutions to businesses at any stage of their sustainability journey. Our experienced team works with you to understand your business, assess its environmental and social impacts, and turn your sustainability ambitions into action, creating value for your business and the planet.




Our Business Products

Through using an industry-leading tool, we help you measure, manage, and reduce your carbon emissions effectively but using considerably less effort than other offerings. Developed by sustainability experts, it is designed to engage your employees as well as provide a library of proven initiatives to drive meaningful outcomes and track your progress in real impact.

Carbon footprint measurement


We offer external verification services to businesses, ensuring the credibility of their sustainability performance and measurements. This independent verification provides greater assurance than self-assessment, can confirm your credentials, and effectively communicate your sustainability progress with reliable, traceable, and trustworthy information, an essential aspect of any sustainability journey.



We offer CSR opportunities through a volunteering ecosystem connects charities, businesses, and individuals, addressing key challenges such as CSR measurement and diversification, talent utilisation, public scrutiny, and workplace well-being.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Impact


Through a science-backed assessment platform we're able to collect data to help you create a happier, healthier workforce. Through feedback and surveys, it provides suggestions and interventions to drive meaningful change and improve productivity, engagement, and retention.




We offer tailored training modules covering all aspects of business sustainability for executives, managers, and employees. Our interactive formats encourage active participation and engagement, delivering knowledge and skills to enhance sustainability performance, stakeholder engagement, risk management, reputation, talent retention and compliance.



Evaluate and monitor investment portfolios with our transformative and cost effective platform. Compare daily trends in performance, track portfolios at the same risk level, receive timely alerts, and generate reports for effective visualisation and presentation.

Portfolio Monitoring (Financial Performance)


Our Investment Products

Efficiently assess, analyse, and communicate ESG risks in your investment portfolio. Understand the impact on people and the planet of your investment portfolio as assessed against the UN Sustainable Development Goals and international climate standards and frameworks. Make informed investment decisions and mitigate risks.

Portfolio Monitoring (Sustainability Performance)


Our partners

Enabling businesses to create value through better sustainability outcomes for them, their investments and the planet.

We help businesses understand the relevance of the UN SDGs to their operations and assess their impact on the goals. Through a strategic materiality process, we identify the core SDGs for your organisation and measure the positive or negative impact across your sphere of influence, considering factors like scale, magnitude, duration, probability, and risk.

UN Sustainable Development Goals impact management


"They walk the talk like us."

TrueESG exceed expectations with their expertise and high-calibre team.

As an innovative partner, their advice enables us to drive meaningful and positive change across our business to drive better outcomes for our clients' success. They demonstrate a genuine commitment to action, walking alongside Altum's ESG journey every step of the way.

Zena Couppey

Altum Group CEO

Case Study

Trusted by leading industry experts.

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